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4 star - Very good service with many plus points and very few negatives
TT0107 /221750

Review created: 01/10/2011;
Last updated 26/02/2020


[2011] At the time of visiting the terminal was undergoing significant improvement works and expansion. [2020] This work has been completed and the terminal is significantly bigger and less crowded, though in areas part of the original terminal have not yet been refurbished and its noticable, particularly in the gate areas.


Parts of the airport are clearly very new with the older buildings slowly being refurbished


I have not flown domestically into this airport

There are no jet bridges at Naples, so everything is done with steps and buses back to the terminal building. Small immigration area but efficient staff kept it moving, from there it's a short walk into the large baggage reclaim hall and then through a door into the arrivals hall

Only three desks available, and at the time both my Gatwick and an easyJet flight from Standsted had landed, but the staff were very efficient and the waiting time was only a couple of minutes

A large baggage hall with five belts

There is a large desk for making declarations at, otherwise there is no defined customs hall, you just walk under the nothing to declare sign and out into the arrivals hall

There are regular buses from the front of the terminal into Naples, as well as less frequent buses to Sorrento


I have not flown domestically from this airport

Having gone through to departures there is the usual large selection of duty free and tax free shops, along with several bars and cafes. The airport does not have jet bridges, so all departures is via bus to the aircraft, or on a few stands walking to the plane

A couple of Café/Bars both landside and airside

A couple of Café/Bars both landside and airside

A couple of Café/Bars both landside and airside

The usual large Duty Free shop immediately after security and then a wide selection of speciality shops landside

The toilets were clean