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Latest: The Absolute Unit

Museums, Roman Ruins, Norman Ruins, Covid-Secure Badgers and, of course, twitters hottest museum the MERL, all in a surprisingly beautiful Riverside location.
Reading, England;
Friday 11 September - Sunday 13 September 2020
On the Main and everything is Fine: Rebuilt old towns, river cruises, dinosaurs and botanical gardens in the beating heart of the Eurozone.
Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland (Frankfurt, Germany);
Friday 4 September - Sunday 6 September 2020
Staying in Germany, and just Germany: Charlemagne, Castles and Cathedral in the shadow of the German Eifel Mountains along with skirting with the borders of The Netherlands and Belgium at a time they're off limits.
Aachen, Deutschland (Aachen, Germany);
Friday 28 August - Monday 31 August 2020
Netherlands not Holland: Canals, Trains, Towers, Castles and Stroopwafels in a heatwave. As Europe baked I explored Utrecht - in a Socially Distanced and Covid-Friendly way.
Utrecht, Nederland (Utrecht, Netherlands);
Friday 7 August - Sunday 9 August 2020
First overseas trip since lockdown, to the Greek Island of Crete with it's food, history, beaches and mountains
Χανιά, [Κρήτη], Ελλάδα (Chania, [Crete], Greece);
Saturday 25 July - Thursday 30 July 2020

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