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Latest: Coast forts without the coast...

Visiting the edge of East Sussex and the Romney Marsh, Castles and forts left high and dry by a retreating sea, Radar version 0 and the very fringes of Kent.
Rye, England;
Friday 17 September - Sunday 19 September 2021
Blind Bishops and Card Playing Squirrels... Visiting the very West of Surrey, to a World Craft Town in search of Blind Bishops, Ruined Castles & Abbeys and a Railway line powered by Watercress.
Farnham, England;
Friday 10 September - Sunday 12 September 2021
Tea with the Tigers...: Spending a night amongst the animals at Whipsnade Zoo in a Lookout Lodge nestled between the Rhinos and the Reindeer.
Whipsnade, England;
Friday 3 September - Sunday 5 September 2021
Londinium, Lundenwic, London...: Exploring 2000 years of history of a city that rose to be the most powerful on the planet - Roman Walls, Norman Castles, Victorian Ports and 21st Century Financial Powerhouse
London: City of London, England ;
Thursday 26 August - Tuesday 31 August 2021
We know where the Queens are buried...: Exploring the Fens and Nene Valley from a city where they buried out of favour Queens, painted 14th century towers and put their museums into old Hospital buildings.
Peterborough, England ;
Friday 20 August - Monday 23 August 2021

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