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Latest: Were the Hansa Scandi?

Given how much of Scandinavia the Hansiatic league held sway over, surely Hansiatic Hamburg counts as an end point?
Hamburg, Deutschland Hamburg, Germany;
Monday 3 June - Tuesday 4 June 2024
ScandiCaps IV...Is it Scandinavian, Is it Nordic, is Finland it's own very different country.
Helsinki, Suomi Helsinki, Finland;
Saturday 1 June - Monday 3 June 2024
ScandiCaps III... Largest of the Scandinavian Capital Cities and today marketing itself as the Capital of Scandinavia
Stockholm, Sverige Stockholm, Sweden;
Thursday 30 May - Friday 31 May 2024
ScandiCaps II... The historical capital of Scandinavia from a time when Denmark ruled all.
KĂžbenhavn, Danmark Copenhagen, Denmark;
Wednesday 29 May - Thursday 30 May 2024
ScandiCaps I...Ticking off the first Scandinavian Capital on our journey round region.
Oslo, Norge Oslo, Norway;
Monday 27 May - Tuesday 28 May

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